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About PlantGrow® Natural Fertiliser

Steven and Sarah Suggitt established Suggitt Farm Services in 2003 to meet the needs of the local farming community in and around their farm in Norfolk.

Since then the business has expanded extremely quickly and is one of the fastest growing farm contracting businesses in the country. The company specialises in forage harvesting (maize and grass), fertiliser spreading, muck handling and spreading, slurry handling and spreading, baling and many more comprehensive services.

SS Agri Power Ltd operates a modern anaerobic digestion facility near Attleborough in Norfolk producing 1.5MW of renewable green energy. The plant is fed with a variety of renewable feedstocks, a large majority of which are grown in house by the company on local farmland.

How we produce PlantGrow® Natural Fertiliser

The process is a natural one which uses harmless natural bacteria to digest biomass in the absence of oxygen and convert soluble organic compounds present in the biomass into a stream of biogas and a sludgy fibrous material. The process is performed in sealed tanks so as to capture the biogas and the fibrous material.

The fermenter contains a series of vertical stirrers which rotate slowly in order to mix the contents. It is within this stage of the process where most of the biogas is produced. Digested material is then pumped to the post-digester, via a screw press. The purpose of the screw press is to separate the solids from the liquids, both of which are valuable organic fertilisers, known as digestate. The solid digestate is collected and stored on site prior to its distribution to the local fields, while the liquid digestate is stored within the post-digester. Within the post-digester the final stages of the digestion process take place, releasing the remainder of the biogas.

Unlike the fermenter, the post-digester has a flexible domed roof where biogas from the process is stored. Finally there is a third tank, the storage tank, which as the name suggests is used for storage of both liquid digestate and biogas. The biogas is then upgraded into biomethane suitable for injection into the national gas grid, to be used by consumers industrial and domestic nationwide.

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