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PlantGrow is the first company within the UK to produce a sustainable range of gardening feeds, conditioners & peat-free composts through a renewable energy process. Recognised as the ‘organic choice’ within our horticultural industry today, the PlantGrow family are extremely eco-minded, supporting gardeners of all experiences in gardening sustainably, making our planet a better place but getting those growing results needed at the same time.

After years of substantial history succeeding in the agricultural industry within Norfolk and surrounding areas, Steve Suggitt started experimenting with the generic process of producing gardening products by switching the common use of artificial feeds, animal and food waste for the much more environmentally-beneficial, variety of cereal crops. Discovering this alternate choice of ingredients used to make blends such as compost and mulch, he was ecstatic to find that the crop yield had significantly improved. Being the first in the UK to produce sustainable and natural gardening products made from plants while excluding all peat, toxins and chemicals, Steven knew these products were far too excellent that he had to share with others – and that brought about the establishment of PlantGrow in 2016.

Today, we have formulated several different gardening assisting products from bulk bags of our all-purpose, peat-free compost to our liquid tomato feed all produced from the same renewable energy process. We love to support our surroundings, especially in the current circumstances of climate change – Plant Grow are proud to be supporting the environment as the new eco-friendly alternative for the future of gardening!

Over the years, we have amassed a phenomenal amount of support from highly reputable gardeners and have built a fan-base of environmentally-focused, garden enthusiasts on our social channels. Building such a lovely garden community on the platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, has been the most wonderful and emotional ride, witnessing how far our we have come in our success to inspire and influence people to garden with sustainability at the forefront. We love to help wherever we can, it has been fantastic educating people on gardening and encouraging more people to take on gardening in their own back gardens or on allotments as a thrilling and satisfying part of their lives!

Our greatest achievement of getting PlantGrow where it is today would have to be our blends contributing to many national trusts and the royal garden rose beds held on the Sandringham Estate, not only that but we are proud to say that our products have gained the likes of a range of renowned celebrity gardeners, on top of our loyal customer base of which gardeners of all experiences choose PlantGrow.

We now work with a multitude of garden centres, reputable chains and supermarkets all over the UK plus overseas – we cannot wait to venture further afield in the near future! We are not only a gardening brand with quality products, but we highly value our inclusion and dedication to supporting, encouraging and team-working in the gardening community. Additionally, the resilience shown in our small differences to aid our surrounding eco-systems can result in great differences to the environment we live in, not only for now but the future of gardening!

By nature, for nature.

Steven Suggitt started in the farming world, contracting across the East of England. Years ago, Steven had an interest in renewable energy, so he travelled over to Europe to find out more. Steven found anaerobic digestion & decided to be the first to bring that idea back to the UK. He started producing biogas for the main grid, and bio-digestate for his own fields, being the first in the UK to produce sustainable & natural gardening products made from plants while excluding all peat, toxins and chemicals, Steven knew these products were far too excellent for the farm that he had to share with others – and that brought about the establishment of PlantGrow in 2016.

Meet Our Team

Sarah and Steve Suggitt - The Founders of PlantGrow

Where it all began; This is Steve and Sarah Suggitt. They established PlantGrow in 2015 and since then have driven the brand to its success. Working in the farming industry for over 20 years, Steve and Sarah had experience in horticulture, but PlantGrow didn’t come overnight. However after much hard work and determination, the pair turned they’re idea to what you see today and your gardens across the UK owe their thanks to this incredible creation.

Favourite aspect of PlantGrow – ‘since developing the product in 2015 and seeing the benefits of PlantGrow within the farm, it was our vison to bring to as many gardens as possible. It is our pleasure to share our natural products with you.’

Daniel Suggitt - Production Manager

This is Dan, as head of production he oversees the daily running of PlantGrow and handles all the production and general operations. Daniel has been with us from the start, when back in 2016 he decided to come out of the printing industry to take on the role of introducing PlantGrow to the market. Daniels background is in design and print where he worked for over 20 years in the industry and this is why he has designed and produced the majority of our artwork. Daniel’s initial focus was public awareness, brand recognition, sales and establishing well known contacts in the gardening sector.

Favourite aspect of PlantGrow – ‘It is very rewarding to see PlantGrow go nationwide with listings from independent and national suppliers who are looking for greener alternatives for gardeners.’

Callum Goddard - Marketing Coordinator

This is Callum, as marketing coordinator it is Callum’s job to ensure that our products are promoted to our customers in the best way to make sure you know what’s right for your garden, whether that be from online advertising or at shows and events. Callum began assisting in production before moving over to the marketing sector. Callum’s background is in design and media marketing which is why he loves getting to show you all the unique products that Plant Grow have to offer, and of course speaking to all the lovely customers on the phone and hear about your gardens using Plantgrow.

Favourite aspect of PlantGrow – ‘it delights me to be a part of a team that are striving to make a sustainable difference and provide an alternative to our customers’

Ian Wrettom - East Anglian Sales Agent

Ian is the newest addition to our team as our sales agent, covering stores all over East Anglia. Having been in sales for all of his career and the garden industry for over 17 years, Ian has immense knowledge in the best methods to bring PlantGrow into your gardens. Ian is a familiar face around the area regarding gardening product sales and we are excited to have him and his expertise on our team.

Favourite aspect of PlantGrow
‘My favourite aspect of PlantGrow is the family run, local and ethical credentials that PlantGrow represent.’

Terry & Andy - Logistics

Terry and Andy both work with PlantGrow and the farming sister company, not only delivering our finished products to stores but also to haul our raw PlantGrow material back to our site for us to use. Terry and Andy work around the clock bringing our products to stores and ensuring we have a constant supply of raw material at our production site in Norfolk.

PlantGrow also uses a pallet distribution delivery service for home deliveries.








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We aim to deliver all parcels within 2-4 working days from dispatch, order before 12:00pm for same day dispatch.

Pallet deliveries

We aim to deliver all pallets within 2-5 working days from dispatch, order before 12:00pm for same day dispatch.

If you require further information regarding your delivery, please email daniel@plantgrow.co.uk

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