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PlantGrow Biodiversity


It’s a worrying fact that, primarily due to climate change, decades of unsustainable land use, and the widespread use of chemical insecticides, that vast areas of Britain’s natural habitats are being lost. Consequently, the plant and animal species that rely on the habitats for their survival are in dramatic decline. In fact, since records began, […]

Meet the PlantGrow Champion: Amy

Amy from Chickandveg

If you’re a regular reader of the PlantGrow blog you would have seen that Amy from Chickandveg kindly shared her views on growing pollinator-friendly blooms. After launching this blog we were inundated with tremendous feedback from our customers suggesting that they wanted to see more, equally we wanted the same so we decided to do something about […]

PlantGrow Shortlisted for Marketing Innovation Award

PlantGrow Team

PlantGrow has been shortlisted for the prestigious Marketing Innovation Award at the Norfolk Business Awards 2021! The awards, which are organised by Archant, look to celebrate the best businesses in Norfolk in categories such as customer excellence, education in business and special recognition. We’re delighted to be a finalist for the Marketing Innovation Award, which […]

Black Vine Weevil

Black Vine Weevil

If there’s one plant pest that causes more worry to gardeners than any other, it’s probably the Black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus). The adults are flightless beetles, black in colour with dull yellow spots on their backs and about 1cm long. They also have distinctive elongated snouts and so are sometimes called snout beetles. And […]

The Tree Bumblebee

Tree Bumblebee

There’s a concerted effort to try and stop foreign species of flora and fauna from entering Britain through the importation of various goods. However, there are always going to be some that slip through the net, which then trigger alarm bells, particularly when our native ecology could be at risk from the invasive species. Occasionally […]

Rose Aphids

Rose aphids

Rose aphids are a common species to be seen in the garden on Rosacea plants and are often regarded as a problem that needs resolving.  However, they’re usually one of the first aphid species to appear after winter and are actually important for sustaining a healthy balance of wildlife in a garden habitat. The reason […]

Winter gardening

Winter gardening

As another year in the garden comes to a close, it is the perfect opportunity to take stock of the 2021 season. What were your stand-out crops? Did you do anything differently this year that you would do again? Are there any crops you wouldn’t want to grow again?  Although the days on the plot […]

Meet the PlantGrow Champion: Adam From View From the Potting Bench

Adam from @viewfromthepottingbench

It’s been a while since we welcomed another champion to the PlantGrow family, but we had to bring Adam from @viewfromthepottingbench on board! The host of the Tales From The Potting Bench podcast, Adam chats with knowledgeable gardeners from across the community to share insights on herbs, TV gardening, allotments and more. Adam’s Instagram documents his family’s […]

Mark Lane Visits PlantGrow

Mark Lane, BBC gardening presenter

Anyone that’s into gardening knows who Mark Lane is. Mark is the first BBC gardening presenter in a wheelchair and you will have seen him on BBC Morning Live, BBC Gardeners’ World and the RHS Flower shows. He’s also a garden expert presenter on QVC and is the UK’s first garden designer in a wheelchair. We were […]

Gardeners’ World Live: More Than Just a Garden Show

Gardeners' World Live logo

We’ve just got back from Gardeners’ World Live at the Birmingham NEC and it’s safe to say that we had a blast! It was so special to be able to meet with so many friends, colleagues and customers after such a long time apart. Here are just some of our highlights from an unforgettable weekend. […]

The LeatherJackets


Leatherjackets are what we call the soil dwelling grubs of long, dangly-legged flies known as Crane flies or Daddy-Longlegs. The grubs are tubular, greyish-brown in colour and have no legs or visible heads. They develop from eggs that the adult Crane flies usually lay into lawns at the end of summer, and throughout Autumn, the […]

The Gooseberry Sawfly

Gooseberry sawfly

The common Gooseberry Sawfly is a common yet troublesome pest of Gooseberry, Red and White Currant bushes.  During early spring, the adult sawfly which have yellow bodies and black heads, emerge from pupae having spent the winter months underground.  They mate before the females fly off to lay their eggs on the underside of young […]

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