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Breakthrough plant food and fertiliser enters the market STAND P3 at the Garden Press Event
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A completely new type of plant food and fertiliser, developed specifically for the horticultural sector and the first of its kind, is now available to hobby gardeners.

Known by its trade-mark name, PlantGrow®, the product, most unusually, is sourced in the agricultural sector, and is being brought to market by a Norfolk farming family, Steve and Sarah Suggitt, and Richard Beales of the notable rose-growing family.

PlantGrow is a brand-new type of fertiliser and plant food; a breakthrough product, the first of its kind to be introduced to the horticultural market. It is a totally natural, pure fertiliser, a growing medium and a potent plant food that in Norfolk trials produced extraordinary results.

Derived from condensed, natural plant tissue and chemical free, it is drawn from the rich residue of the agricultural anaerobic digestion, bio-fuel process. PlantGrow’s ingredients nourish and strengthen all garden vegetation from flowering plants, roses and shrubs, including hanging baskets and tubs, to vegetables and lawns. It is available in both liquid and solid forms. The liquid is a plant food to be used throughout the growing season, whilst PlantGrow in solid form acts as a soil conditioner.

‘When trialling the product the results were quite extraordinary,’ says Steve Suggitt. ‘What began as an exercise born of curiosity quickly became the focus of some furious thinking on our part. We tested the liquid fertiliser on lawns, on plants and shrubs and in every case the results were startlingly successful.’
As part of the trialling, Richard Beales spotlighted, amongst other plants, varieties known to be difficult to grow successfully in this country, as a true test of the versatility of the liquid product’s effectiveness. ‘The plants flourished when fed with PlantGrow, with unexpectedly strong growth. I think,’ Richard Beales commented, ‘this was the moment of realisation: that here was a natural plant food perfect for horticultural purposes.’

Product analysis by independent laboratories having proved the purity of the fertiliser, and the stringent Environment Agency protocols having been met, Steve and Sarah Suggitt undertook personally the considerable investment necessary to bring PlantGrow to market. Its official launch to the commercial horticultural industry took place in September 2016, at GLEE.

PlantGrow is now available to all gardeners through the new online PlantGrow website and shop at www.plantgrow.co.uk as well as a growing list of retail outlets.

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