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Lizzie’s 3 Top Tips for Designing your Garden
Lizzie from The Rose Press Garden

If you’re about to redesign your garden or you’ve just moved into a new home and want to put your own stamp on your outdoor space, it can seem a little daunting. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the process easier – and Lizzie from The Rose Press Garden has shared her tips on how to create a thriving garden no matter how you want to use it. Read her blog and watch her video below.

“Hello, I’m Lizzie. I am flower and gardening obsessed and have spent the past three years turning my new build garden from a pile of mud and rubble into a flower-filled garden. I have recently launched my own business called The Rose Press Garden, which is about making gardening modern, fun and easy. Whether you have a new build garden and a complete blank space in front of you, or you have a mature garden that needs a refresh, I hope these tips will help you get started on designing a garden you truly love.

1.  Don’t rush into anything

Take time to really understand your garden. Watch the sunlight during the day and work out if you have shady or full sun borders (full sun is at least six hours of sunlight a day). You also need to look at your soil – is it heavy clay, or light and sandy? You want to ensure you put the right plants in the right place. Choose plants that will thrive in the conditions of your garden. Before you get started on planting your garden, ensure you mulch your borders to add nutrients and organic matter to create borders that will thrive.

2.  Consider how you want to use your garden

Write a list of priorities of how you want to spend time in your garden and how long you want to spend maintaining it. You might prioritise an entertaining space because you love having friends and family over for BBQs, you might choose to prioritise space for the kids to run around and play, or creating a wildlife area might be the top priority for you. By choosing what is important you and the sorts of activities you will spend your time doing then you can work through the best areas for each of these priorities.

3.  Get inspiration

I love Pinterest and Instagram for saving pictures that I love. Once you have these you can add them all together for a mood board and write a list of plants and flowers that are included. This makes it easier and clearer to see what you need to buy or grow to create the space you desire.

It can be a little overwhelming when faced with a blank space, but take it step by step and I really hope you enjoy the process. I know I’ve absolutely loved creating my garden and spending time in it. You can get some more inspiration on which flowers to grow in your garden on my website and on my Instagram @therosepressgarden.”

Have you got any tips you want to share for designing your garden? Let us know on our social media!

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