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Meet the PlantGrow Champion: Richard Chuck
The PlantGrow Champion: Richard Chuck

We are so pleased to be announcing our newest Plant Grow Champion, Richard Chuck! Demonstrating his passion and dedication to gardening and sustainably, we could not be happier having him part of Team Purple!

Richard’s Background:  

Richard’s highlight of growing up was gardening with his mother growing vegetables in order to support a healthy diet. This lead him with an enthusiastic insight into the world of gardening which later became an extreme passion in his adult life. A key part of Richard’s ethos is to garden while prioritising the environment as he ‘constantly encourages people to garden with wildlife and sustainability at the forefront’ on his Podcast, YouTube Channel and when he features monthly on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, assisting in Q&As on their popular Sunday Morning Show! 

Richard’s passion and skill within gardening does not stop there, he has accomplished many beautiful garden designs over the years – even becoming a finalist of the BBC’s 2004 Gardener of the Year for his impressive show garden. Over the past two years, Richard has worked hard to build his own unique garden from upcycled architectural salvage along with ‘seeking out the more unusual’ plants – ornamental grasses being a favourite and are heavily featured in his garden. There’s no surprise Richard demonstrates such creative talent in his gardening, he spent years working in the glass making industry while fulfilling artistic hobbies like painting unique-styled artwork inspired by stained glass and performing in local bands since he was 19. 

Richard’s Thoughts on Plant Grow and Sustainability:  

Richard wants to share the importance of making the right decisions as gardeners in order to better the environment, explaining ‘going back in time to when my garden life began, we didn’t have the privilege of using sustainable, organic products. Today’s world is very different, we have so many choices… my mum and my inspiration would have used these products had she had a choice back then.’ 

We are keen to support Richard in his determination for environmental change as he acknowledges how eco-friendly gardening products will better the environment and our future in the long run – ‘Coming across Plant Grow and their products has been a garden revelation for me… we don’t need to grab the chemical products that neither help or improve our gardens or this planet we call home.’ With Richard, we want to make a positive gardening change for the environment and influence others to do the same using products such as our Peat-free Compost, Organic Fertiliser & Mulch or Natural Slug & Snail Barrier. 

His Commitment to the Gardening Community:  

‘To say gardening for myself is an addiction is an understatement… it’s a major part of my life.’ 

Urging others to invest their time into the wonder of gardening, Richard runs his own Podcast and YouTube Channel ‘Up at Grassy Bottom’ where he has featured several interesting guests with the aim to guide, give advice and inspire within the gardening community. Richard’s main take-away advice is always ‘never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, always ask for advice – no matter how daft it may be. Read and consume as much on gardening as you can soak in! We were all rookies once!’ which is why we couldn’t be happier to welcome Richard into Team Purple as our newest Plant Grow Champion providing great inspiration for others and with all his hard work and dedication, exceeding all gardening limitations! 

Make sure to head over and show support to Richard’s YouTube Channel ‘Up At Grassy Bottom’ and on his Instagram @agardenersjourney.1 !

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