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What is Soil Microbiome?

Over the last 500 million years, the majority of plant species on Earth have evolved to depend on the terrestrial substrates that we collectively call ‘soil’, from which their roots can acquire the essential nutrients that they need for growth, health and reproduction. 

For the soil to provide these essentials, a continual process of organic recycling has to be occurring within it, where dead plant and animal matter is broken down into basic components by a vast yet diverse community of bacteria and fungi, which are collectively known as the Soil Microbiome’

More commonly referred to as ‘Composting’, the Microbiome’s activity within the soil releases the micro and macro nutrients that are the vital food for plants and makes them readily available for uptake by the roots.

Often, in areas where plants have been extensively grown for many years and where chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, have been regularly applied, the Soil Microbiome will have been damaged or destroyed, resulting in the soil becoming sterile.

So, even when fresh organic matter or compost is applied to these soils, the diverse communities of bacteria and fungi will no longer be available to optimise the release of the nutrients for the plants, resulting in poor growth and condition.

At PlantGrow, we understand the natural processes that are essential for creating and maintaining soils which are plentiful in the nutrients that the plants require, and we create our products accordingly.

Utilising a system called Anaerobic Digestion, we’re able to produce soil revitalising and enhancement products that go way beyond being just generic fertilisers or composts, since PlantGrow’s products are enriched with the microbials that will replenish the Soil Microbiome. Optimising the performance of good quality soils and kick-starting poor soils back into life.

The beneficial effects of PlantGrow’s products on the soil and plant growth are simply remarkable and have continued to astound our customers throughout the world of gardening and growing.  

Yet it’s only been possible through PlantGrow’s understanding and implementation of the processes that underpin nature’s own organic recycling system and the essential role of the Soil Microbiome. 

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