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A year of gardening: your 2021 gardening & planting calendar 

A month-by-month guide of what to plant in your garden and when.


Plant a mini herb garden on your windowsill – it’s a great way to bring life and pleasant aromas into your home. You can also start growing snapdragons and sweet peas in your greenhouse. Top tip: Shred your Christmas tree to create a mulch to use on your plant beds and pots.


Plant your deciduous shrubs before the end of March, when they are still dormant and the planting process will be less stressful to the roots. Now is also a good time to sow lavender and marigold seeds. Top tip: February is the perfect time to build a rockery – the ground is soft and ideal to build on. Recycle old bricks, tiles and stones to create the structure. Succulents, creeping plants and organic grasses grow well on rockeries.


Now the cold weather is thawing, you can plant bare-root roses. Add asparagus and onion seeds to your vegetable plot and introduce a splash of colour to your garden with poppies, dahlias, cornflowers and foxgloves. Top tip: Enrich your soil with our soil conditioning fertiliser to help replenish its microbiome and ensure your plant’s roots can fully develop.


Plant runner beans, marrows, leeks, and tomatoes in your vegetable patch. Feed them once a fortnight with our organic liquid feed for a greater yield. You can also plant citrus trees and summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies, freesias and gladiolus. Top tip: Use our natural lawn feed to ensure your grass is luscious and green in time for summer. May Plant hardy perennials and evergreens like zinnia, nasturtium and lupin. Your rhubarb and asparagus should now be ripe to harvest. Top tip: Start opening your greenhouse doors for better ventilation and to help you regulate the temperature.


Sow your summer bedding plants and prune any shrubs that have ceased flowering. Pick your sweet peas regularly to encourage flowering. Top tip: Use supports and ties to prevent plants from getting damaged as they grow taller.


Plant some autumn-flowering bulbs like nerine and autumn-crocus for a fiery display of foliage next season. For vegetables to last you through the winter, plant hardy species like spring onions, cauliflowers and leeks. Top tip: Trim your herbs and freeze the off-cuts for later use, to encourage healthy growth and keep leaves fresh.


For a radiant winter garden, plant some winter-flowering pansies and viola seeds before the end of the month. Consider planting some hardy annual seeds now – calendulas and larkspurs – for early flowering next year. Top tip: Gather up the seeds from your best-performing plants to use in your garden next year. Store them in a cool, dry place.


Daffodils, Californian poppies, love-in-a-mist bulbs and delphiniums can be planted now for bountiful spring bloom. Top tip: Cut back any overgrown foliage that is covering your pumpkins – this will help guarantee they are ripe in time for Halloween.


Now is the ideal time to plant clematis and any new shrubs, trees or bushes. Sow wildflowers seeds directly into the ground to entice bees and butterflies into your garden. Top tip: Move any tender plants indoors or into your greenhouse – do this as early in the month as you can for better protection.


Bare-root trees can be planted anytime between now and March. Magnolia trees are a splendid choice for a stunning spring display of foliage and flowers. Use pots to plant heathers, grasses and trailing ivy for a splattering of winter colour. Top tip: Lift your pots off the ground using rocks or a plant stand to ensure they can drain well and don’t get waterlogged.


Use pots and containers to decorate your garden paths and entryways. Evergreen grasses, ivy and fritillaria will liven up your outdoor space. Plant your blackberries and raspberries any time between now and spring. Blueberry bushes, with their white flowers, juicy fruit and vibrant autumn foliage will be an impressive addition to your garden. Top tip: Plant bare-root native hedges to attract local wildlife – use them as a border in place of a fence.

No matter the time of year, there’s plenty for you to do in the garden to stay active, have fun and lift your spirits. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @plantgrow for more gardening advice. Call us on 01953 525001 or email info@plantgrow.co.uk to speak to a member of the team.

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