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Meet the PlantGrow Champion: Cara 
Cara from MAKE IT FLOURISH - @makeitflourish on Instagram

Our latest instalment of Meet the PlantGrow Champion is about Cara from MAKE IT FLOURISH – @makeitflourish on Instagram. We’re delighted that she’s become a PlantGrow Champion to help us build our community of organic, chemical-free gardeners and show them how they can inject some colour into their gardens by sowing and growing together.

Cara’s gardening journey started last year during the first national lockdown. With a 6-month-old baby and no physical contact with her friends and family, she needed an outlet and something to focus on. Then one day, she woke up with a drive to make her garden flourish. Having recently moved into her home, the garden was an overgrown and dull space that was crying out for some life.

Cara got to work by sowing seeds and bulbs in any kind of container she could find and began digging up parts of the garden at any opportunity – mainly during her baby boy’s nap time! From old paint trays, food packaging and boxes wrapped in plastic bags, Cara tried growing in them all and by the summer had transformed her garden into a vibrant space that’s full of wildlife.

1 year later, Cara has well and truly got the gardening bug and has started the MAKE IT FLOURISH movement to encourage everyone to instil some life into their gardens. Every Sunday at 2pm she goes live on Instagram for a Sow and Grow Along to help people connect with each other and make it flourish together. Cara is already getting feedback from people saying that the Sow and Grow Along has helped their mental health in a time when we’re so isolated from one another.

“I’m so excited to be ‘Championed’ by PlantGrow! Organic gardening is very important to me – especially with being a new Mum, being chemical free is more important to me than ever before. I can’t wait to start growing and making my plants flourish with PlantGrow this year!” Cara – @Makeitflourish

Why we’re welcoming Cara as a PlantGrow Champion

We’re excited that Cara is joining us as a PlantGrow Champion. We know how much gardening has relieved people’s stress and helped them feel less isolated during the Covid-19 pandemic, and doing it in a sustainable and eco-friendly way is even better. We’d love to support Cara as she helps people make their gardens or spaces flourish, and encourages them to use 100% natural, chemical-free products along the way.

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