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Everything you need to know about organic fertilisers and how they’re helping to protect the environment
Organic fertilisers

If you always thought that fertilisers are bad for the environment but an essential tool to help your garden grow, discover how an organic fertiliser is helping buds bloom, grow, keep lawns luscious and will nurture your soil while caring for the environment. Whether you’re a budding beginner or a green-fingered wizard, PlantGrow operations manager Daniel Suggitt shares how the organic fertiliser can help you care for the planet as well as your garden.

What’s an organic fertiliser? Organic fertiliser is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. PlantGrow is a natural, sustainable and locally produced range of natural fertilisers and plant food.

What’s inside the fertiliser bottle? “PlantGrow is different from other fertilisers at your local garden centre primarily because of how it’s made and what’s inside the bottle,” Daniel said. “Everything that goes into the mix is grown and harvested locally.  We break down rye, maize, sugar beet and lucerne grass to create PlantGrow fertiliser.” PlantGrow fertiliser contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK) that are the three main ingredients in any fertiliser but also other essential minerals, micronutrients and vitamins needed for healthy plant growth.

How can this organic fertiliser benefit your garden? The formula’s micronutrients and essential minerals enrich your soil which makes planting easier and gives you better results.

“We know everything that goes into our fertiliser which means we can guarantee it’s safe and easy to use and won’t harm the environment or wildlife,” Daniel explained. “If you overuse an artificial fertiliser it can damage or kill your plants and excess fertiliser can leak from your garden and run into streams, ditches or rivers and encourage the growth of algae that damages the eco-system.” PlantGrow’s all-natural formula comes in a solid and liquid form that you can apply any time of the year to improve your soil’s fertility and help your plants and lawn look the best they can.

How is PlantGrow made? PlantGrow natural fertiliser is made by the breaking down crops in the abscence of oxygen. They crops are fed into an anaerobic digester that creates the fertiliser and plant food in Norfolk. “We harvest our crops at various points over the year and put them into storage. Micro-organisms break down the organic material over a 40 day cycle. The process we use is better for the environment, creates less pollution and cleaner air than other processes,” Daniel explained.

Giving back to the environment “When we’re breaking down the crops we also use the excess heat to create renewable energy. Using a specialist chamber we convert the heat energy into electricity, that’s then fed back into the national grid,” said Daniel. The process is known as biogas production. Daniel’s brother Steve, owner of Suggitt Farm Services and PlantGrow, began researching biogas production back in 2011. At the time it was a growing trend in Europe but not so much in the UK. “We were one of the first businesses in the UK to produce biogas,” Daniel said. “It was during this time that PlantGrow fertiliser was born. Since then we’ve used only PlantGrow on the farm. It’s replaced any chemical fertiliser we used to use and since then we’ve been dedicated to making sure gardeners can have access and see the benefits for themselves,” Daniel added.

By nature, for nature “Burning fossil fuels to create everyday products has harmed our environment and we’re passionate about changing this. We believe nature holds the answer which is why we are dedicated to working in a sustainable way to create an organic product that gives back to the earth,” said Daniel.
Visit plantgrow.co.uk or call 01953 525 001 to find out how you can get your hands on a rich, nutritious meal for your budding garden.

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