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5 reasons to use organic fertiliser
Organic farmer

Forget quick fixes, give your garden a long-term boost with organic fertiliser.

1 It improves soil health

Organic fertilisers, such as those made by PlantGrow, aren’t just a quick fix to get your blooms looking beautiful and your veggies big and tasty – the benefits go much deeper, into the soil itself.

The NPK nutrients in artificial fertilisers may give plants a boost when needed, but it won’t do anything to improve the long-term health of the soil. Organic fertilisers, on the other hand, penetrate into the soil, supplying nutrients, increasing fertility and adding structure to support your plants now and in the future.
2 It’s eco-friendly

PlantGrow’s organic plant fertilisers are made entirely of plant-derived ingredients. No artificial chemicals are added – all the nutrients it provides come naturally through the anaerobic digestion process.

What’s more, this process creates electricity, which is fed back into the grid as green energy.

There are also no risks to wildlife – it’s safe for insects and any other animals that may visit your garden, as well as pets and children. Plus it’s peat-free and therefore helps to protect UK peatlands, which are important water and carbon stores, as well as providing valuable wildlife habitats.
3 You can use it anywhere

The team at PlantGrow has developed a fertiliser blend which is tailored to suit both horticulture and agriculture, so there’s no need for one product for your flowers and another for your veggies.

Whether you go for the liquid plant food or the solid soil conditioner, it can be used on everything from flower beds, hanging baskets and indoor plants to vegetable patches and greenhouses.
4 Bigger, brighter blooms

The results speak for themselves. PlantGrow delivers key nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) directly into the soil, Micronutrients and other essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes help plants to thrive.

It promotes strong and natural growth, increases the yield and the vibrancy during blossom.
5 From the farmer’s mouth

PlantGrow was developed by Norfolk farmers Steve and Sarah Suggitt, who began experimenting with creating their own natural fertiliser and quickly realised that they had a fantastic, environmentally-friendly product.

“What began as an exercise born of curiosity quickly became the focus of some furious thinking on our part,” says Steve. “After extensive testing of the fertiliser on lawns, plants and vegetables in every scenario, the results were startlingly successful.”

The Suggitts have now completely replaced chemical fertiliser on their farm.

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