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Why are gardeners switching to PlantGrow as the organic choice of 2023
A variety of organic fertilisers suitable for garden use

PlantGrow is proudly the first in the UK to produce a range of natural, Soil Association and Vegan Society-approved gardening products made through a sustainable renewable energy process. The PlantGrow range is made entirely from plants that plants that exclude any artificial chemicals, animal waste and toxins, proven through thorough lab testing. PlantGrow obtains the benefits of gardening sustainably for the environment by also having the eco-friendly advantage of being peat-free. Exceeding excellent crop yield, PlantGrow products are packed full of micronutrients and naturally derived bacteria and fungi, nourishing and heavily encouraging plant growth while also naturally fighting diseases. The significant results from consumers switching to PlantGrow rather than alternative gardening products have been phenomenal, proving excellent customer satisfaction and extended customer loyalty to our products.   

We are delighted to say that we sell a range of our projects to reputable supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s along with a multitude of gardening retailers and independent garden centres around the UK, such as Blue Diamond, Fargro, Garden Superstore, Sorbus, Crocus and more. 

The manufacturing process behind PlantGrow Products includes the harvest of a variety of cereal crops being taken through anaerobic digestion to make our different blends, while maintaining its fibrous texture and the most useful attribute of being micro-nutrient dense – supporting the microbial science within the soil and locking in plenty of moisture to keep plants healthy and hydrated with no need for additional feed.  The liquids which are squeezed from these fibres are then put into bottles ready for gardeners to use within their gardening, simply nature in a bottle. 

Below are 5 of the popular natural products we produce:   

  • Natural Slug Barrier and Soil Improver in one 

– This has been a favourite alternative for many gardening enthusiasts as it removes the ultimate concern of generic snail barriers being completely natural and kind to surrounding wildlife, pets and children – deterring slugs and snails rather than killing them. The added bonus is that it improves the quality of the soil and compost so that in turn the plants can thrive from the soil while having a natural mulch-like appearance. This product is made up from super dried cereal crops, it is wind & rain resistant & looks good in and around the garden beds too. The very first natural, decorative & effective slug barrier of its kind. 

  • All-purpose plant food  

– Our Award-winning liquid Plant Grow Food is diluted with water to deliver the essential nutrition being made from plants for plants, it is 100% chemical free and provides the essential components for maintaining a rich and nutritious soil in a purely natural way. This product is suitable for any desired gardening from vegetables and fruits to flower beds and shrubs and helps reduce the effects of soil-borne diseases.   

  • All-purpose Peat Free Compost  

– Our compost has the eco-friendly quality of being peat-free. Like many of our blends, worms love our natural solids – it makes all the difference between being environmentally friendly and supporting the wildlife. Our award-winning PlantGrow All Purpose Peat Free Compost is formulated from solid commodity produced through our patented process of plant material & fine compost. It fights soil-borne diseases along with supports and encourages healthy growth for the plants. This product is extremely uniform, fluffy, packed full of natural nutritional value & will feed your beds for up to 12 months. 

  • Natural super tomato liquid  

– Liquid PlantGrow Super Tomato Food is produced purely from plants. It provides a nourishing liquid food that contains the essential soil microbes that ensure the healthy and sustainable growth of tomato plants, particularly important for those grown in pots, grow bags and sterile greenhouse substrates. It ensures a rich and nutritious growing medium that tomato plants need.   

  • Indoor Houseplant Booster  

– This totally organic nutrient booster is created purely from plants, with no chemical additives, no animal waste, and no peat. The product, which can be applied within the compost mix before potting the plants, or as a surface dressing, or pot-topping on the compost, provides great benefits for houseplants. The base ingredients that PlantGrow specifically uses for this process are organic cereal and grass crops and involve no chemicals and animal waste. The process, which is 100% natural, concentrates important microbials within the moist, crumbly solid that forms from the anaerobically digested plant material. 

In regards to our customer approval and gratification;

We have built a collation of wonderful feedback from our customers’ success and achievements using our products, on our social media channels and on review platforms. Many gardeners’ sharing appreciation for the difference our eco-friendly approach to gardening makes for the environment and the outstanding results using our products in their own gardens or allotments, on Google Reviews.


If you have any enquiries, to contact PlantGrow: 

Email: info@plantgrow.co.uk 

Call: 01953 525 001 

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