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How and why we should be using the ‘No Dig’ gardening method to support the environment
An image capturing a gardener practicing the 'No Dig' gardening method

Our aim is to encourage people to provide a better future for the environment while gardening! We make a range of environmentally friendly gardening products that are peat, toxin and chemical free and are made from plants! Our efforts do not stop there, we are passionate about helping others understand how they can garden more eco-minded including the different methods we can use… 

One of the best methods of gardening has got to be no dig!

We are so keen to share this as it truly is far better for the environment and requires a lot less effort for gardeners in the long term! 

Why it is better for the environment?

When we typically garden, the natural instinct is to dig into the ground in order to plant. However, by doing this we are disrupting the structure of the soil resulting in the released carbon and other greenhouse gases that have been locked-up within the soil. These are then allowed into our surroundings and once having come into contact with air, increases the level CO2 in the atmosphere. 

How the no dig method benefits you… 

  • No dig is a great way of not only reducing areas of weed development but also, reducing the weeds in the future.
  • Not only this but digging ruins all your hard efforts in developing healthy soil for the nourishment of your plants. No dig prevents the destruction to the structure of the soil – meaning no disruption to the micro-organisms, worms and fungi that help feed your plants!
  • It requires a lot less effort for you as a gardener, allowing more time to continue other projects around the garden. It makes gardening far more enjoyable compared to the extensive time and effort put into digging and prepping the garden when looking to put additional beds and growing areas in your garden. 
  • It gives you a great opportunity to recycle some of your own cardboard that may be taking up space around your home!

The steps to Using the No Dig method:

1) Find plenty of old cardboard. Cardboard is a brilliant biodegradable material which supports the environmental benefits of doing no dig. It is important this is suitable cardboard that has light resistance (so that the soil underneath this can become a block to the growth of weeds) but also must have any plastic labelling and tape removed before being used. 

2) Rip the cardboard into strips suitable for suitable for the coverage of the area you would like to do the no-dig method.  This is better for the process of no dig as it will develop uniformly and still allow oxygen to get underneath the cardboard while it hasn’t completely biodegraded. 

3) Wet the cardboard. This helps the cardboard break down. Allowing the cardboard to soak up additional moisture when we start the no dig process with speed up the process of the no dig method taking effect. 

4) Next, it’s time to add a thick layer of fluffy PlantGrow mulch! With this, its crucial to add a decent amount of mulch on top of the cardboard – roughly 6 inches in thickness, however, this may depend on the area you choose to apply no dig and your own personal preference when it comes to the depth of the beds which you may decide to do this.

5) Watering the mulch after laying is best to provide the necessary hydration for your plants. This hydration within the mulch will then be delivered to your plants along with the many beneficial micro-nutrients to your plants nourished and healthy. 

6) Naturally, the appearance of the mulch will change in colour as it matures over periods of time. However, breaking apart the clumps of material will demonstrate the moisture held within the mulch which in turn, maintains the hydration for your plants. 

And there you have it, you have completed the no dig method. How easy was that? And how much better for the environment too!

We love to provide information regarding widespread gardening across all of our social channels! One of our popular topics includes mulching – we have recently shared a reel on how to do the no-dig method on PlantGrow’s Instagram and Facebook pages. As well as having recently published a general blog ‘The Importance of Mulching‘ with the help of our amazing PlantGrow Champion, Richard Chuck! It’s definitely worth you going and having a read to soak up all his amazing tips and tricks on everything mulch and most importantly, why mulch sustainably with PlantGrow’s all-purpose, peat-free, mulch which is perfect for no dig, packed full of micro-nutrients, locks in moisture, attracts worms, and is extremely fluffy and easy to work with!

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