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PlantGrow confident they can “replace peat products” by 2024
PlantGrow organic natural fertiliser

Peat composts will be banned from 2024 as part of the new England Peat Action Plan. As a result, UK growers are now on the lookout for alternatives and PlantGrow is confident that the company’s products can fully replace peat products by the time the ban is enacted.

The England Peat Action Plan, which hopes to stop the damaging effects that peat-usage can have on the environment. The UK’s peatlands store three times as much carbon as its forests when let in good condition ,but most are in a damaged state and are contributing to the climate crisis by emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

With few other options available to the country’s gardeners, PlantGrow anticipates a huge increase in demand as the country goes peat-free and searches for quality alternatives.

“PlantGrow is the first company in the UK to produce a premium range of natural fertilisers through a renewable energy process,” said Ashley Day, Sales and Marketing Director at PlantGrow. “All of our products are made right here in the UK, they are very sustainable and great for our ecosystem unlike the many other peat alternatives.”

All PlantGrow products are made entirely from plants and are approved as organic by the Soil Association. They are also animal waste and chemical-free as well as peat-free, but are one of the closest equivalent products to peat in the current market.

“We’re expecting PlantGrow to be one of the most recognised and in-demand products within the horticultural industry as people begin the transition away from peat,” said Ashley. “We’re in discussion with market leaders with regards to becoming a new supplier of peat-free products, with volumes ranging upwards of 100 million litres of PlantGrow per year.”

PlantGrow’s products are Which? recommended and endorsed by garden science experts such as Dr Ian Bedford. Suitable for those using the no-dig method, the soil conditioner can be used as a mulch or mixed or raked into soils to improve soil quality and help plants and flowers thrive.

Dr Bedford said: “For gardeners and growers who prefer to use a peat-based compost, the news that peat compost will no longer be available from 2024, might be of concern. However, it’s really not going to be a problem, since PlantGrow now produce award-winning, quality growing mediums that offer the perfect alternative. 

“Unlike peat, PlantGrow products are produced in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible by using 100% anaerobically digested plant material. They deliver an organic plant-derived growing medium that’s full of the essential nutrients and microbes for ensuring healthy plant growth and rich productive soils. 

“Plant material that comes from field crops after they’ve been harvested, then naturally digested to form the most amazing products for growing plants. Products that are also reassuringly free of chemicals and animal by-products, making them ideal for organic and vegan growing systems.”

Using PlantGrow instead of peat will allow the UK’s peatlands to recover, reducing carbon emissions from damaged and degraded peatlands but also from the transport of imported alternatives.

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