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How to create an ecosystem in your garden.

For many, the past few months have given people a chance to realise just how precious life is, and what a difference being outdoors can make to your mood. This may explain the recent rise in the popularity of gardening, as newly green-fingered folk find “gardening adds years to your life and life to your years”.

Whilst your garden can give you a new lease on life, it is important to give something back as well. Whether you live in a city flat or a country estate, gardens form part of the wider environment, giving sanctuary to a range of animals, insects and plants. It is up to you to ensure that your garden is reaching its maximum potential and creating a flourishing ecosystem for all. 

You can breathe this much needed life into your garden with PlantGrow, which works to improve the soil texture, allowing it to hold water for longer, and increase the beneficial bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. Synthetic fertilisers deplete your soil of nutrients, making it unproductive and undesirable for plants and animals alike. PlantGrow works harmoniously with nature, helping plants flourish and reach their full potential to support the ecosystem.

Limiting the use of synthetic chemicals is one of the easiest ways to enhance wildlife in your garden. Insecticides can kill beneficial insects, or affect them indirectly by disrupting their metabolism or reproductive cycles. Overuse of herbicides removes important food resources like dandelions, that pollinators rely on if other flowers are scarce. 

The soil sets the tone for a healthy garden, but here are some further steps you can take to create a healthy, natural ecosystem in your garden. 

Companion planting
Planting certain sets of plants next to each other leads to shared benefits and can allow your garden to thrive. One great example of companion planting is garlic and roses; the powerful garlic smell works to repel pests like aphids that drain precious sap from the rose, leaving it vulnerable to infection.

Planting small, faster growing plants alongside larger, slower growing ones to take advantage of all available space, whilst minimising the ability of weeds to take hold.Sow salad crops between slower-growing cauliflower and your lettuce will grow happily in the shade provided by their cruciferous neighbour!

As well as fertilising and conditioning your soil, composting re-energises your soil with vital nutrients and microorganisms. Healthy soil means healthy plants!

Feed the Birds
Include plants that provide berry-crops and plenty of perching space to attract birds into the garden. A fresh source of water like a bird bath is always appreciated by our feathered friends, who in return will keep the insect population down to manageable levels.

When you take steps to balance the ecosystem in your back garden, each species that calls it home eventually establishes a natural balance too. For example:
* Snails reduce algae in the water.* Birds reduce the insect population.* Some beneficial insects like ladybirds devour ‘pest’ insects like aphids (also known as greenfly).

PlantGrow contains everything you need to support a balanced ecosystem; a plant food made entirely from plants that works wonders whether container planting, veg gardening or putting some life back into your annuals.Whether you opt for our liquid fertiliser, mulch, or targeted fertilisers for roses or tomatoes, there’s a PlantGrow product to help your garden bloom, beautifully.

To see how PlantGrow can transform your garden, visit our website: https://www.plantgrow.co.uk/

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